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  • Overview
    The company name is Pied Piper, a new compression algorithm.
  • Product
    Product is a novel new compression algorithm that can greatly reduce bandwidth.
  • Team
    Founder is ex-Hooli employee.
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Meeting Summary
March 9, 2022
  • Company Summary
    The company name is Pied Piper, a new compression algorithm.
  • Product
    Product is a novel new compression algorithm that can greatly reduce bandwidth.
  • Team
    Founder is an ex-Hooli employee.
  • Traction
    No customers were mentioned on the call. However, the founder is considering bringing on an enterprise seller to lead sales to corporations that have expressed interest including Hooli.
  • Deal Terms
    The founder is looking to raise a $3M seed round. No other terms discussed.

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Our AI sifts through all of the important meeting details and summarizes them the way a human would. Voice transciption and summarization is built in.

Recording Settings
Summarization prompt
You are a meeting summarization assistant for a venture capitalist. You take meeting trascripts and summarize the answers to these questions:
-Company Summary: What is the company's mission?
-Product: What does the company do?
-Traction: What is the company's sales traction? How many signed users?
-Fundraising: What is the company raising? What deal terms were discussed?

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does customization work?

      To customise your summaries, you only need to tell us what kind of questions you want answered and summarized. Setup takes only a few seconds.

    • Is this available on Android?

      No, not right now. If you are interested in this though, please reach out to us and let us know so that we can guage demand.

    • How much is the app?

      There is a no obligation trial for 7 days. After that the app costs $5/month for unlimited recordings and summaries.

    • Why would I use this vs other options?

      We are biased, but we feel this is the best call recording app for iPhone for several reasons. 1) It's unobtrusive. 2) It mimics human notetaking because it distills meetings (no long transcripts and audio). 3) It's simple and easy to use 4) Works offline.

    • Do you save the audio?

      We do not save the audio files for playback after transcribing and summarizing them. However, we are considering adding this feature if there is demand. Please reach out and let us know. The app is only intended to mimic the human notetaking process, not capture audio for playback pusposes. Transcripts and summaries, however, are kept indefinitely.